Oliver Motorhomes: 9 facts owners and buyers need to know (2023)

When buying a motorhome, many people prefer to spend their hard-earned money on an investment that will last a lifetime.

Oliver RVs promises just that, offering luxury motorhomes at affordable prices. However, the company is not as well known or as old as other VR companies with products on the market.

This unique brand has a lot to offer consumers, but you may not know much about it, so we've found nine facts we think you should know about it:

Here is the answer to the guarantees that Oliver RVs offers to customers:

Oliver RVs offers three different warranties and a lifetime support service. They offer a lifetime warranty on the fiberglass body construction and a 5-year limited warranty on the chassis and labor. They also offer a 2-year warranty on manufactured and installed products.


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1. Where are Oliver pendants made?

Oliver trailers are manufactured in Hohenwald, Tennessee, in the United States.

The company offers factory tours for those interested in learning how the Oliver RV company designs and builds their motorhomes. Tours typically run Monday through Friday.

However, you must call and notify the factory at least 24 hours prior to reservation and arrival.

The company also offers field inspections. You can view specific models and layouts during a site visit to better understand if an Oliver RV is right for you.

As with the factory tour, you must contact the company in advance using an inquiry form.

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2. Who owns the Oliver Company?

Oliver RVs was founded in 2007 by the Oliver family.

Currently, the company is considered one of the bestRV Trailer Brands in the United States.

Oliver motorhomes are manufactured by Tennessee-based Oliver Fiberglass Product Company. In addition, the company has a sister factory in Hohenwald called Oliver Technologies Inc.

Its first trailer was 18 feet 5 inches long and sold in 2007 and 2008.After being well received by the VR industry, they decided to release another model in early 2008.

Later, in 2008, the Oliver family stopped manufacturing camper vans due to the financial difficulties of that year. In early 2013, the company decided to put Oliver travel trailers back into production, which pleased many in the RV industry with the news.

In 2014 the production of its new models began and it was ready for sale, and in 2015 a new model was presented.

To this day, the company is owned by the Oliver family and production is ongoing.

3. What types and sizes of motorhomes does Oliver produce?

If you're in the RV market looking for a quality, well-built, luxury travel trailer, Oliver RV Company is worth considering.

The company currently only makes campers and has only two models known as the Legacy Elite and Legacy Elite II.

Both models are exceptionally well built and have a lot going for them. Both are luxurious with modern appliances and comfortable seating areas.

The Legacy Elite is perfect for those who prefer less room to travel, while the Legacy Elite II is ideal for those who want extra space.

4. Does Oliver make a toy truck?

Oliver RV Company does not make toy trucks.

Currently they only make caravans and have been for years.

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It's unclear if the company will expand into toy haulers at a later date. Their goal is to manufacture luxury motorhomes of the highest quality at affordable prices.

5. What are the shortest Oliver trailers?

As we now know, the company does not have a wide range of motorhomes.

They only make caravans and currently only have two models.

The Legacy Elite is the smallest model of the brand. It has an approximate dry weight of just 3,700 pounds and a gross vehicle weight rating of 5,000 pounds.

This trailer is 18 feet 5 inches long and has an outside height of 9 feet 4 inches. This model has a standard layout, but optional extras are available to customize it however you want the motorhome to be.

Additionally, the external width is 6 feet 6 inches and can comfortably accommodate three people.

6. Who are Oliver's biggest fans?

As mentioned above, the brand does not have a huge variety, but its models serve very well.

The best known model of Oliver RVs is the Legacy Elite II. This model has an approximate dry weight of 4,900 pounds and a gross vehicle weight rating of 7,000 pounds.

The model is heavier than the Legacy Elite but offers more space at 23 feet 6 inches in length and 9 feet 10.5 inches of external height.

Additionally, the Legacy Elite II is 7 feet wide and can accommodate up to three people.

7. How are Oliver motorhomes made?

Oliver RVs has a growing reputation for manufacturing quality RVs in the motorhome industry.

Let's see below how the lining of the caravans is built:

Case and frame:

Each trailer they build is made of four fiberglass frames, two inside and two outside, and the frames are cast in a mold.

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The gel coating used on the cases resists all damage from stones and possible road grime and even has a UV coating that helps maintain the glossy finish and reduces fading for longer.

During the next part of the camper manufacturing process, a resin and cut fiberglass skin is hand rolled onto the shell and a center mat is added to the roof to reinforce it.

Once the center panel is properly added and installed, craftsmen add Carbon Core material to the top of the center panel for stronger reinforcement.

Plus, the honeycomb structure of the carbon core provides an extra layer of insulation wherever it's added.

Last touches:

For added strength when the trailer and frame are connected, the company hand-laid the frame channels and added two layers of woven matting and a layer of bi-directional glass cloth.

After this step, a similar layering process is performed for each of the four layers.

Finally, after all the shells have hardened, they are removed from the molds and the surfaces are made.

8. Who are Oliver's most popular fans?

With only two models available, both are popular with motorhomes.

Both models have capacity for three people and are built with the best materials.

Those who want a lightweight travel trailer often choose the Legacy Elite model, while those who want a little more space often choose the Legacy Elite II model.

9. Are there Oliver trailers for all four seasons?

Oliver Trailers makes caravans that are truly suitable for touring all year round.

The founders of the Oliver company wanted to create a caravan that would outperform the competition after experiencing subpar quality in campsites all year long.

The company prides itself on being able to manufacture the most insulated travel trailer in the trailer industry today. They have done this by designing and producing travel trailers that use high-quality materials that are easier to maintain.

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Each Oliver caravan has its own heating to keep you warm in the winter and air conditioning to keep you and your traveling companions cool in the summer.

The heating system is modern and comfortable to use with different heating settings allowing you to reach the perfect comfortable temperature while camping.

All the motorhomes manufactured by Oliver have excellent insulation with double-sided aluminum foil and a polyethylene radiation barrier. Additionally, Oliver Motorhome Company is the only company in the RV industry to use a complete RV ventilation system.

This system includes a fan, vent, and rain shield in one unit, as well as an easy-to-use wall thermostat.

It can be hard to find another caravan that offers the same weather protection and year-round features as Oliver's caravans.


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