Are r-pod trailers any good? r-Pod Review, Issues & More (2022) (2023)

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r-Pod trailers are some of the most popular small travel trailers on the road today. Their wide variety of designs combined with their competitive prices make them an attractive option for many new motorhomes. But are r-pod pendants any good?

In this article, we take a closer look at r-Pod RVs. We'll dive into each floor plan and share our own review, as well as reviews from various r-Pod customers.

And we hide nothing! We also share the most common problems homeowners have with their r-Pod RVs.

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All images must be credited.Campervan Forest River.


First of all, what is an r-pod camper trailer?

Are r-pod trailers any good? r-Pod Review, Issues & More (2022) (1)

r-Pod Campers are beautiful travel trailers that offer "affordable luxury" with the smallest towing capacity in their class.

These efficient motorhomes have everything you need for a weekend camping trip, summer road trip, or full-time motorhome use.

There are currently seven models in production and dozens of used r-pod models for sale on the market.

These lightweight RVs are possibly one of the most popular RVs in the US. I see them everywhere!

R-pod campers have many advantages, but even these campers have problems.

Are r-pod trailers any good?

The R-Pod trailers are pretty decent budget campers. These motorhomes get better every year with new features, cutting-edge technology and quality construction materials. The roof itself has a 20-year guarantee.

While no brand of RV is without its problems, the r-pod trailer is a fantastic choice for new RVs, weekend campers, and more.

We'll talk more about the features that make this trailer great later in this article, but some of the key features that make it great are rot-resistant Azdel sidewall construction, largest-in-class holding tanks, a central vacuum and etc. against. Much more.

Are r-pod trailers any good? r-Pod Review, Issues & More (2022) (2)

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How long do r-pod pendants last?

With proper use, care and maintenanceYou can expect an r-pod to last a decade or more.

The r-Pod brand of trailers has been around for over a decade and it's not uncommon to see the old ones on the road!

In fact, there are plenty of used (in excellent condition) R-Pods for sale today dating back to 2010. It's clear this is a motorhome that's built to last.

The biggest concern with older RVs is damage from rainwater and condensation. If water seeps into the walls, the wood will start to rot and the construction will become unsafe.

r-Pod RVs are now made with Azdel side panels, which are a composite material instead of wood. These RVs now have a much longer lifespan since water does not damage, rot, or mold Azdel's sidewalls!

Do the r-pod campers have a bathroom?

Are r-pod trailers any good? r-Pod Review, Issues & More (2022) (3)

r-pod interior: RP-195 bath

Yes, all r-pod campers have a full bathroom with a separate toilet, sink and shower. Some of the bigger r-pods have really big bathrooms!

Even older used r-pod models have toilets too.

What vehicle can tow an r-pod trailer?

The lightest r-pod still in production has a gross vehicle weight rating of around 4,500 pounds, and the heaviest is around 6,500 pounds.

This means that for an r-pod trailer you need a vehicle that can tow at least 5000 pounds.

Here are some vehicles with a 5,000-pound towing capacity:

  • chevrolet traverse
  • dodge durango
  • ford explorer
  • Honda Pilot
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee
  • Nissan Pathfinder
  • Toyota 4Runner

You don't even need a pickup truck to tow an r-pod. All of these vehicles are standard and mid-range SUVs.

How much do r-pod campers cost?

New r-pods range from $21,000 to $49,000. Used r-pods range from $12,000 to $40,000.Pricing depends on floor plan, dealer, year, location, and additional features.

The manufacturer of the r-Pods does not list the MSRP on their website, so these numbers come from US retailers.RV trader.These numbers are kept accurate and up to date.

Why are Azdel's side panels on the r-pod trailer important?

Are r-pod trailers any good? r-Pod Review, Issues & More (2022) (4)

Image source:leaflet r-pod

There's a lot of talk about Azdel these days, but what makes him so good?

Well, for starters, Azdel's sidewalls are the reason r-Pod RVs now last longer than ever.

Traditionally, the frames and walls of mobile homes are made of wood. A wooden frame with thin lauan plywood walls.

As you know, wood is heavy. And wood is not only heavy, but also susceptible to rot, mold, and water damage.

When wood is damaged by water, it becomes brittle and literally starts to flake off. And mold causes human health problems.

Wood rot is the leading cause of damage to RVs today.

Azdel is a giant thing because it is a composite of polypropylene and fiberglass. This material is strong and light and completely waterproof.

This means that even if your trailer is leaking, you don't have to worry about water damage.

In addition, Azdel panels have a higher R-value (insulation value) than conventional wood panels.

This is amazing new technology that all r-pods come standard with.

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R-Pod Motorhome Trailer Floor Plans

There are currently seven r-Pod designs in production, but there are dozens of earlier models available for sale at used trailer sites.

Let's take a look at the current floor plans.


Are r-pod trailers any good? r-Pod Review, Issues & More (2022) (5)
  • Big ones:17'6"
  • dry weight:3,159 pounds
  • Height:9'8"

The RP-153 is the smallest r-pod currently in production.

This r-pod model features a queen Murphy bed that folds out to reveal a small dining area. There is also a sofa to sit on, a fridge and pantry, a full bathroom and a kitchen.

This is a truly unique little caravan. The RP-153 port is on the back! This allows the interior space to be used very efficiently. Although this motorhome is small, the space is very well used.

The tailgate design is reminiscent of truck trailer designs.


Are r-pod trailers any good? r-Pod Review, Issues & More (2022) (6)
  • Big ones:22'2"
  • dry weight:3.379
  • Height:9'10"

The RP-192 is 1.5m longer than the previous caravan and makes the most of the extra space.

There is a queen Murphy bed with storage and two end tables, a sofa, a convertible dinette and more.

The bathroom in this r-pod trailer spans the entire rear of the trailer and has a separate toilet, sink, shower and closet.

There is plenty of storage space in this outfit and it comfortably accommodates up to 4-5 people.


Are r-pod trailers any good? r-Pod Review, Issues & More (2022) (7)
  • Big ones:22'11"
  • dry weight:3.654
  • Height:9'10"

The RP-193 isn't a foot longer than the previous model, but this model has a slide!

The slide adds a lot of space to this family camper.

This is a model shed with two double beds in the back of the motorhome. It also has a queen size bed, a sofa and a convertible dining area.

This model is perfect for families with a large kitchen and huge sink and sleeping space for 6 people.


Are r-pod trailers any good? r-Pod Review, Issues & More (2022) (8)
  • Big ones:22'2"
  • dry weight:3.587
  • Height:9'10"

The RP-195 is the smallest slider r-pod model, but it doesn't add much extra weight.

This model features a spacious aft galley, a small U-shaped convertible dinette and a fixed queen-size bed with storage below.

In this model, the bathroom is located in the center of the motorhome, in front of the dining room.

The RP-195's skid makes this little trailer feel really roomy.

This model has capacity for 4 people, but is more suitable for couples.


Are r-pod trailers any good? r-Pod Review, Issues & More (2022) (9)
  • Big ones:22'2"
  • dry weight:3.600
  • Height:9'10"

The RP-196 is almost identical to the RP-195, except for one thing: instead of a small U-shaped dinette, this model has a fold-out sofa.

Everything else is the same:

  • kitchen in the back
  • half bath
  • Fixed queen bed with storage

One of my favorite things about these mid-bathroom designs is that even though there are no doors to the bedroom, it still feels separate from the living room.

The bathroom wall does a good job of making it feel like its own space.


Are r-pod trailers any good? r-Pod Review, Issues & More (2022) (10)
  • Big ones:25'
  • dry weight:4.379
  • Height:10'7"

The RP-201 is a much larger caravan than previous models.

(Video) 2022 Forest River R Pod 153 Lightweight Travel Trailer

This 25 foot long trailer is amazing!

There is a bedroom with a double bed, bedside tables and wardrobes, separated from the living room by a central bathtub.

The bathroom runs the full width of the caravan - it's huge.

The living room has a folding sofa, a pull-out table, an armchair and a small but spacious kitchen.


Are r-pod trailers any good? r-Pod Review, Issues & More (2022) (11)
  • Big ones:25'
  • dry weight:4.574
  • Height:10'7"

The RP-202 r-Pod camper is the largest of the r-Pod campers currently in production.

This thing is huge.

This motorhome has a sofa bed in the living room for a convertible dining room.

There is a spacious kitchen to the rear, a good size pantry and cupboard and a huge bathroom.

The bedroom has a queen bed with lots of additional storage space. This is a great RV for a couple and would make a great full time RV crew.

Standard features with r-pod trailers

r-pod travel trailers are packed with features and have a number of great optional upgrades too!

Let's dive into some of the key features.

external features

  • Azdel fiberglass exterior
  • closed abdomen
  • Tufflex PVC roof guaranteed for 20 years
  • MorRyde Steps
  • unloading of the black tank
  • safety glass tinkling
  • external speakers
  • wiring for solar energy
  • battery disconnect switch
  • power tab socket
  • aluminum invasions
  • 30 gallon fresh water, gray water and black water tanks

interior design

  • central aspiration
  • pet accessories
  • Aluminum Bed Bases - Even Kids' Bunk Beds Can Hold 300 Pounds
  • large sink
  • full size devices
  • Fireplace (select models)
  • full size fridge
  • convection microwave
  • 13.5k BTU Air Conditioner
  • 20k BTU often
  • MaxxAir fan
  • USB charging ports throughout

Something really unique about r-pod motorhomes is that although they are smaller and lighter than most caravans of their size, they have all the luxuries of larger motorhomes.

Optional updates

  • Toldo Power Thule
  • R-Dome Canopy with Screen Space
  • Solar package (110 watt panel, controller, 1000 watt inverter)
  • outdoor kitchen
  • 15k BTU Air Conditioner

Customer Reviews (and Issues) of the r-Pod Travel Trailer

Are r-pod trailers any good? r-Pod Review, Issues & More (2022) (12)
Are r-pod trailers any good? r-Pod Review, Issues & More (2022) (13)

The Forest River r-Pod is a mass produced RV as well as a budget RV.

In either case, the saying "you get what you pay for" may be true.

Some owners have had great experiences with their r-Pod RVs, but others seem to have one problem after another.

Common problems according to customer reviews are:

  • Accessories make noise when driving (this happens to many motorhomes)
  • Leaks (this is commonly reported on older models without the new version)
  • Accidental Equipment Failure – Most things are covered under warranty
  • Sewer hanger comes loose (this is a very common experience)

After reading all the lowest rated customer reviews, I have come to a few conclusions.

Things break, it's inevitable

When buying an RV, you need to be prepared for things to break and come loose during your trip. I don't care who you are or how much you spent on your trailer. It is a continuous earthquake and it is inevitable. Ask anyone who has owned an RV - they will agree!

So some "stuff breaks" issues are to be expected and many are covered under warranty.

You cannot expect new quality from a used mobile home.

I noticed that many of the people who complained in the reviews bought older used r-Pod RVs.

Who knows how the person before them took care of it?

I don't know about you, but I wouldn't buy an item at a thrift store and expect it to work properly and then blame the company when it doesn't.

Forest River quality has traditionally been poor, but it is improving

Forest River has not traditionally had a reputation for quality workmanship. It is something I have heard and known for many years.

However, in recent years I have noticed a commitment to quality materials, innovative floor plans, and an overall commitment to quality.

(Video) 2022 R-Pod 190 Unbiased RV Review

Also, I think that if you thoroughly research and examine a trailer before you buy it, there's a good chance you'll end up with a great device.

I am in no way affiliated with Forest River, so I cannot attempt to convince you to purchase one.

But I offer my own grain of salt along with all the negative reviews.

If you are considering purchasing one of these RVs, I recommend that you do your own research first.

While I think they are a quality caravan, bad apples roll off the assembly line from time to time.

Read forums and join Facebook groups to hear more from actual r-pod owners before making your final decision.

Who makes r-pod travel trailers?

r-pod travel trailers are manufactured byCampervan Forest River.

Forest River is a giant in the trailer industry, owning 45 trailer brands manufacturing hundreds of trailer models.

The r-Pod was introduced by Forest River in 2008 and has remained a favorite ever since.

Are r-pods worth it?

r-Pod caravans are a great value if you are looking for a basic caravan with all the conveniences of a larger trailer. An r-pod trailer can cost up to $12,000 for used equipment and up to $50,000 for larger new ones. r-Pods are true budget campers that have something for everyone.

These campers come equipped with everything you need for a comfortable short campout, long road trip, or full-time RVing.

As with any budget caravan, don't expect fancy appliances, building materials, or furnishings.

But what this trailer lacks in expensive luxury, it makes up for in affordability and durability.

If you're considering an r-Pod motorhome, I recommend you go to your local motorhome dealership and tour it yourself.


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  • Bushwhacker Plus Camper - Unsurpassed in Accessibility and Towing Capacity
  • The Casita Spirit Deluxe is a small dream caravan
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Are r-pod trailers any good? r-Pod Review, Issues & More (2022) (14)

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Are r-pod trailers any good? r-Pod Review, Issues & More (2022) (15)

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Are R-pods good campers? ›

R-Pod campers are great starter campers. They're easy to tow and feature several layout options. The quality is what you would expect from an entry-level camper. They're budget-friendly, yet owners feel they get a solid product.

How long does an RPOD last? ›

They do have mandatory maintance required but if you take care of your pod it will last a long time. Going by modern engineering practices, since the extended factory warranty lasts to year 2, it will last about 2 1/2 years.

Why are Rpods so popular? ›

The r-Pod campers are beautiful travel trailers that offer “affordable luxury” with the lowest tow weight in their class. These efficient RVs have everything you need for a weekend camping trip, a summer-long road trip, or full-time RVing.

How much is a 2022 R pod? ›

New Travel Trailer - 2022 Forest River R-Pod RP-201
Sale Price$29,250.00

Does the Rpod have air conditioning? ›

r-Pods are cooled with a 13,500 BTU low profile air conditioner, and are heated with a 20,000 BTU furnace.

What is the warranty on RPOD? ›

The r-pod has a 1 year bumper to bumper warranty with Forest River. Some items have additional warrenty, they are: Axle - 5 yr. Frame - 3 yr.

What is the recall on the RPOD? ›

The federal placard contains an incorrect axle rating

Photo source: Forest River Forest River is recalling 205 model year 2022 RPOD RPT153 travel trailers. The federal placard states an incorrect axle rating of 4400 lbs instead of the correct rating of 3500 lbs. This could cause the vehicle to become overloaded.

What's the best quality camper? ›

According to our research, the top five best RV brands are: Grand Design, Airstream, Oliver Travel Trailers, Winnebago, and Newmar.

What travel trailers last the longest? ›

Typically, fiberglass travel trailers last longer than aluminum trailers, because they are built to withstand harsher conditions. They are the perfect mix due to their soft and durable construction, plus they are the right choice for seasoned RV's owners who are always going camping.

Is the RPOD fiberglass? ›

using a blend of polypropylene and fiberglass creating a strong, lightweight, quiet, water resistant, temperature resistant, odorless and environmentally friendly wall that will increase the life of your RV. R•Pod is packed with many great features that are normally found in larger units.

Are R-pod campers 4 season? ›

If your asking if the R-Pod is a true 4-season camper, the answer would be no. There really are very few true four season campers. That said, base camp facilities on Mt. Everest don't have the creature comforts afforded in a R-Pod.

Are Rpods well built? ›

R-pod's composite walls are layered with a fiberglass exterior, Azdel, insulation, and an interior panel. This fabrication is also designed to be water- and rot-resistant. The R-Pod also features aluminum framing around every RV opening which gives this travel trailer the best structural integrity in its class.

Are R pods insulated? ›

They weigh less, protect against mold and mildew, and offer double the insulation of heavier construction materials. An awesome feature is that all R Pod models come with a one-piece seamless fiberglass roof.

What is the most popular selling travel trailer? ›

Jayco's Jay Flight is the number one selling travel trailer and has been for more than a decade. The versatility of the product line makes it an excellent option for a variety of people and camping styles. Whether you enjoy camping in campgrounds or boondocking, you have many options to consider.

How heavy is an RPOD? ›

At just over 18' and 2500 lb. with all of the essential camping needs: Sleeping for 3-4, TV, 2 burner cooktop, refrigerator, furnace, air conditioner, convection microwave and wet bath make this a great floorplan for those looking to get out and enjoy the great outdoors but want the conveniences of home.

How heavy is an R-pod camper? ›

At just over 18' and 2500 lb. with all of the essential camping needs: Sleeping for 3-4, TV, 2 burner cooktop, refrigerator, furnace, air conditioner, convection microwave and wet bath make this a great floorplan for those looking to get out and enjoy the great outdoors but want the conveniences of home.

Will an R-pod fit in a garage? ›

The Forest River R-Pod has an exterior height of 9-feet 8-inches, so it cannot fit in a standard residential garage.

Do RPOD trailers have brakes? ›

Because your R-Pod has electric brakes, you will need a brake controller.

Does RPOD have a bathroom? ›

R-Pod Floor Plans

Most R-pod models come equipped with a compact, convenient and space-efficient wet bath. For a more home-like bathroom, look to the R-pod 180 for a full bath with toilet, separate shower and vanity.

Can you run camper AC all night? ›

Well, the good news is that your RV's AC was designed to run for a long time during those really hot days. In fact, as long as your rig has a consistent power source, a 50 or 30 AMP electrical hookup or the generator, then you can safely run the AC all day.

Should you buy an extended warranty on a new camper? ›

If you plan on owning your RV for more than a year, it's probably a good idea to buy the RV extended warranty at the time of buying your RV, to get the best price possible. Some companies offer a payment plan if you aren't in a position to pay for it up front. But try to avoid rolling it into your RV financing!

Does living in an RV void the warranty? ›

Live in Your RV Full-Time or Semi-Permanently

You may not realize it, but most manufacturers will void any warranty on your RV if you live in it full-time or semi-permanently.

Who manufactures RPOD? ›

r-pod | Forest River RV - Manufacturer of Travel Trailers - Fifth Wheels - Tent Campers - Motorhomes.

How do you de winterize an RPOD? ›

Fill the freshwater tank with fresh water and run fresh water through all lines and faucets in the RV and through the outside faucets. At the beginning of the season, I do this twice, by emptying the freshwater tank a second time and filling it again and running it through all the lines and faucets.

Which R pods have bunks? ›

The R-Pod 193 features a front queen Murphy bed and rear bunk beds. The construction is superior with welded aluminum sidewalls and floor and laminated side walls floor and roof, gel coat exterior with eye-catching graphics.

How do I winterize my RPOD camper? ›

1) Make sure the black and gray wastewater tanks are empty. 2) Outside and underneath the trailer, unscrew your freshwater tank's drain and allow it to empty. 3) Turn on the water pump and open a valve to suck up any remaining water in the line between the tank and the pump.

Which travel trailer brand is most reliable? ›

The best travel trailer brands that are the most reliable and worth the money:
  • Airstream.
  • Northwood Mfg.
  • Lance.
  • Outdoors RV.
  • Grand Design.
  • Casita.
Jan 12, 2023

What's the most reliable travel trailer? ›

7 Best Travel Trailer Brands of 2022
  • Airstream.
  • Grand Design RV.
  • Oliver Travel Trailers.
  • Lance Campers.
  • Outdoors RV.
  • Winnebago.
  • Jayco.
Feb 16, 2022

What is the best travel trailer money can buy? ›

What Is The Best Travel Trailer For The Money?
  • Best travel trailer for the money: Forest River Cherokee Alpha Wolf 26DBH-L.
  • Best luxury option: Grand Design Reflection 312BHTS.
  • Best teardrop trailer: nuCamp TAB 400.
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May 6, 2022

What is the best month to buy a travel trailer? ›

You can also benefit from good deals in the neighboring months of November and February — after the high season ends and before the next spring season starts up. This stretch of time is also when many dealerships swap out their inventory, and it may be the best time to buy a used RV.

What camper manufacturer has the best warranty? ›

The Jayco Family Has Your Back. When you buy a Jayco RV, you're getting the best manufacturer's warranty—and then some.

Which is better aluminum or fiberglass RV? ›

Fiberglass wins hands-down in durability, shine and cleanliness. If you're looking at your RV as an investment, fiberglass RVs tend to hold their resale value much better than aluminum models.

Are fiberglass Trailers better than aluminum? ›

Fiberglass Provides Long-Term Efficiency

Fiberglass bodies are generally lighter than aluminum bodies, and a lighter trailer means better gas mileage, and ultimately, reduced fuel costs. Fiberglass also insulates better than aluminum, so it will hold heat or keep the space cool during extreme weather.

Do fiberglass campers leak? ›

One huge advantage to owning a fiberglass camper is that they are molded and don't have seams. There will be no worries about leaks or the mold that comes with them.

What is the best insulated travel trailer? ›

Here are a few of the best cold weather RVs currently available on the market.
  • Windjammer 3008W Travel Trailer. ...
  • Forest River Arctic Wolf. ...
  • Northwood Arctic Fox. ...
  • Jayco Redhawk 26XD. ...
  • Keystone Raptor. ...
  • Jayco 327CKTS Eagle. ...
  • Heartland Bighorn. ...
  • Keystone Montana.
Jan 28, 2022

Does a 4 season camper need to be winterized? ›

Do You Have to Winterize a 4-Season Camper? RVers must winterize their rigs to protect them from freezing temperatures and lack of use. This also includes a 4-season camper.

Are Rpods easy to tow? ›

Forest River's r-pod travel trailer brings together functionality and affordable luxury. All models are less than 25 feet long and have a dry weight between 2,714 and 4,574 pounds. Since r-pods are so lightweight, it makes them easy to tow and a whole lot more agile.

What is Hood River Edition RPOD? ›

r•pod Hood River Edition Travel Trailers. The r•pod is the first of its kind to offer you affordable luxury at the lowest tow weight in its class. The r•pod is a perfect example of “form follows function,” with its unique shape and construction!

What is the biggest R-pod model? ›

On the other end of the spectrum, the RP-202 is the longest and heaviest r-pod camper. It's 25 feet long and has a dry weight of 4,574 lbs. This floorplan has one slide-out with your choice of a dinette or sofa. Additionally, it has a kitchen at the rear of the trailer and a bedroom at the front.

Can you walk on the roof of an RPOD? ›

With a step ladder you should be able to reach everything. Not a big deal, really. It is fully framed and designed for it.

Which R pod has outdoor kitchen? ›

R-Pod 182G outdoor kitchen.

What does R pod stand for? ›

Residence to Place of Duty (UK) RPOD. Rail Point of Debarkation. RPOD. Real Property Obligation Document.

Which travel trailer depreciates the least? ›

Class C. Of all the motorized campers, the Class C vehicles depreciate the slowest. With a length of 33 feet, a Class C RV is the sweet spot between a camper van and tour bus. After five years of life with a Class C vehicle, you can expect a rate of about 38% depreciation.

What is the #1 camper brand? ›

1. Grand Design RV. We rate Grand Design RV as the best RV brand overall for its reliable construction, variety of price points, and after-sales service. Grand Design manufactures travel trailers, fifth wheels, and toy haulers in Middlebury, Indiana.

What is the easiest RV to maintain? ›

Wouldn't it be great if your RV was low-maintenance, too? In a perfect world, you would have to do little work to keep your camper up and running.
These Are the Five Best Low-Maintenance Campers Available
  • ModVan CV1.
  • Sportsmobile Camper Vans.
  • Airstream Interstate Grand Tour.
  • Campervan North America.
  • Hymer Aktiv.
Dec 21, 2017

Are R pods good campers? ›

R-Pod campers are great starter campers. They're easy to tow and feature several layout options. The quality is what you would expect from an entry-level camper. They're budget-friendly, yet owners feel they get a solid product.

How many gallons of water does an RPOD hold? ›

It has a 30 gallon fresh water tank, 30 gallon gray water tank, and a 30 gallon black water tank. This unit has a height of 9' 7" ft 7 inches and a width of 8 ft 0 inches.
Get a Great Deal on Your R-Pod Today!
Gray Water Capacity30 gallons
Black Water Capacity30 gallons
L.P. Capacity20 lbs.
33 more rows

What is the lightest R-pod trailer? ›

What is the Lightest R-Pod Camper? At 19' in length and 2,714 lbs dry weight, the RP-171 is the lightest R-Pod model currently offered. While it doesn't offer a slide, the floorplan is fairly substantial with a queen-sized bed, a wet bath, a full kitchenette, and a little dinette.

How many people does an R-pod sleep? ›

You can easily sleep three to four people with a rear RV queen bed and the front dinette folded down for the little ones. This unit also includes an LED TV to enjoy while you're stuck inside on a rainy day. And the cook will have a two-burner cooktop and convection microwave to make meals inside.

How tall does a garage need to be for an RV? ›

With RVs, you'll want a garage door that stands about 12 feet (3.6 m) tall. You will also want to make sure that it is wide enough to accommodate your vehicle – go for one that is at least 10 feet wide, but preferably 12 feet wide (3 to 3.6 m). This will give you more than ample room to get in and out of the garage.

Can you add an awning to an RPOD? ›

Expert Reply: Yes the Thule HideAway Awning - Wall Mount # TH490011 can be installed on the sidewall of your 2021 R-Pod 171 that you mentioned. It would attach to the wall of the camper with included hardware.

How tall should a garage door be for a truck camper? ›

You will find that RV‑specific garage doors are a minimum of 12 feet tall (3.5 m). You will also want one that is between 10 and 12 feet (3 to 3.6 m) wide. You will also find that most attached garages are just too short.

How do you know if your trailer has electric brakes? ›

The easiest way to find out if a trailer has electric brakes is to safely crawl under the trailer and look. First, block the tires using wheel chocks. Bring a flashlight with you and crawl under the trailer. Look at the inner side of the wheel.

Do you need electric brakes on a camper trailer? ›

Electronic brakes are most commonly used on caravans and trailers over 750kg and are legally required on all caravans and trailers where the GTM is more than 2000kg.

Do trailer brakes work with the brake pedal? ›

Through a wiring harness, the trailer brake controller sends a signal to the electric brakes on a trailer to apply the brakes when the brake pedal in the tow vehicle is depressed. The trailer brake control can be either a time-delayed system basing brake force on the length of time the brake pedal remains depressed.

What is the difference between Winnebago Minnie and RPOD? ›

The Minnie Drop is More Different from the R-Pod than it looks. First, your fresh water, grey, and black tank capacities are larger on the R-pod. For those that might be staying in places where access to water is limited, those extra gallons can make a big difference.

What size generator do you need to run a RV AC unit? ›

So what size generator do you need to run your RV A/C? It depends on how much power your unit draws. But you'll likely need a generator that provides at least 2,900 Watts on startup and 1,300 to run.

Can you run RV AC while driving? ›

Can you run an RV air conditioner while driving? Your RV's generator can power your RV's rooftop air conditioner. So, you can run your air conditioner if your generator is on while you're driving. Just keep your fuel tank's capacity in mind and turn off your AC before turning your generator off.

Do R pods have toilets? ›

Most R-pod models come equipped with a compact, convenient and space-efficient wet bath. For a more home-like bathroom, look to the R-pod 180 for a full bath with toilet, separate shower and vanity.

Can a RAV4 pull an RPOD? ›

Technically the RPOD weighs in at around 3,046 lbs, which is well under the 3,500 towing capacity. But does that mean you should tow an RPOD with a RAV4? Probably not. This is where you'd be cutting it too close.

Who makes RPOD travel trailers? ›

r-pod | Forest River RV - Manufacturer of Travel Trailers - Fifth Wheels - Tent Campers - Motorhomes.


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