2006 Nissan Xterra Radiator Problems (2023)

74 questions related torefrigeratorhave been reported for the 2006 Nissan Xterra. The most recently reported issues are listed below. See these too2006 Nissan Xterra Stats and Reliability AnalysisBased on all issues reported in Xterra 2006.

1the most beautiful problem

Error Date:17.08.2020

The gearbox began to shake, and at the same time the radiator exploded.

2the most beautiful problem

Error Date:07.04.2020

Radiator failed, coolant mixed/leaked into transmission fluid and caused transmission failure. Fuel gauge no longer works properly.

3the most beautiful problem

Ημερομηνία σφάλματος:14.06.2019

The radiator coolant got into the transmission and we only have 70,000km on it. I purchased an extended warranty but nissan service said they would not cover the repair and our extended warranty has expired. We saved this cat for our 16 year old son in college who is getting ready for the DMV soon. We're saving up for his car so we don't have to worry. Now we are concerned because replacing the transmission and radiator will cost us $8,000 to fix. I also have to pay $190.00 for the diagnostic fee. We are not rich and we prepared this car for our son for his safety who will now be 16 in June 2019 and ready to get behind the wheel, this car is his university car. Now it breaks my heart because the car is constantly in the garage with a blanket over it. Only 70,000 km. According to Security Plus, the odometer reads 72 months/75,000. We urgently need help with the repair.

4the most beautiful problem

Error Date:13.06.2019

Transmission failure due to known transmission coolant leak problem due to faulty lines in radiator breaking at 160,000 miles. Listed repair cost is $6000, car is totaled. ,.

5the most beautiful problem

Error Date:17.10.2018

Takata Recall: Water got into the transmission through the radiator and now I need a whole new transmission and radiator. This is a common problem with Nissans and I am excluded from mileage and warranty. I was driving on a city street and the revs started going up but the car wouldn't accelerate. I had to take it to the mechanic. My Check Engine Light is also on and the code is related to the catalytic converter.

6the most beautiful problem

Error Date:20.08.2018

The contact has a 2006 Nissan Xterra. While driving approximately 50 mph, the radiator ruptured and oil leaked from the transmission. The contact, an independent mechanic, determined that the radiator oil cooler was defective. A reseller was not notified of the error. The manufacturer has been notified of the error. The number of kilometers lost was about 77,000.

7the most beautiful problem

Error Date:27.07.2018

The vehicle's radiator is rusty inside, so mix the coolant and transmission oil. The car underwent continuous maintenance at Nissan dealerships without any notification from Nissan.

8the most beautiful problem

Error Date:01.08.2016

Known issue with coolant leaking into the drive lines and thus into the transmission. I was not given a simple and cheap solution to replace the failing radiator and now it is too late to save the transmission. Nissan got away with murder and made thousands of people spend money they shouldn't have paid for defective parts. These parts should have been salvaged as they are a major safety hazard while driving. If your transmission fails while driving, it poses a huge safety hazard. However, as there were not enough deaths due to this, a recall was not necessary.

9the most beautiful problem

Error Date:01.08.2016

Grinding Noise - I asked the dealer for help, but to no avail. I wonder why the DOJ doesn't step in, especially as the issues escalated to radiator leaks and transmission destruction and Nissan bribed our class action lawyers. How about time streams, for God's sake? Nissan is hurting us more than VW. .

10the most beautiful problem

Error Date:30.06.2016

(eg, insufficient dealer information) The contact owns a 2006 Nissan Xterra. While driving approximately 35 mph, the accelerator pedal was depressed, but the vehicle did not respond. The vehicle was driven to the curb and towed to an independent mechanic. The vehicle was later towed to the dealership (Hasbrouck Heights in Hasbrouck, New Jersey) where it was determined that the radiator was leaking and the transmission had failed. The vehicle has been repaired. The manufacturer was not notified of the error. The number of kilometers lost was about 108,000.

11the most beautiful problem

Error Date:24.05.2016

Fluid leaked from the radiator into the transmission causing it to fail. Nissan estimated the repair at $9,400. At 00:00 the vehicle was moving at the time of the breakdown.

12the most beautiful problem

Error Date:13.05.2016

Owner, Nissan 2006

13the most beautiful problem

Error Date:03.05.2016

The contact has a 2006 nissan xterra. While driving 50 miles per hour, the vehicle swayed violently. The vehicle was taken to an independent mechanic where the transmission and radiator failed and needed to be replaced. The manufacturer was not notified of the error. The approximate number of damaged kilometers was 144 thousand.

14the most beautiful problem

Error Date:25.04.2016

The contact owns a nissan xterra, manufactured in 2006. At a speed of approximately 120 km/h, the vehicle automatically shifted into neutral. No warning lights came on. The vehicle overturned on the shoulder and turned off the engine. The dealership discovered that the radiator was cracked and the transmission was contaminated. The error occurred approximately six times. The manufacturer has been notified of the error. The vehicle has not been repaired. The VIN was invalid. The approximate number of kilometers lost was 91 thousand.

15the most beautiful problem

Error Date:21.03.2016

The engine stalled on the way to work due to a recall unknown to me, but came to my attention after my mechanic found information on the radiator and transmission.

16the most beautiful problem

Error Date:22.01.2016

The contact owns a 2006 nissan xterra. The contact stated that the vehicle was taken to the dealer who discovered that the radiator was leaking transmission fluid and both components needed to be replaced. There were no warning signs. The vehicle has not been repaired. The manufacturer has not been notified. The failure mileage was 112,000.

17the most beautiful problem

Error Date:26.10.2015

In October 2015 I noticed that my Xterra was overheating and the transmission was slipping intermittently. When I removed the radiator cap to check the coolant, it looked frothy and milky, like a lemon smoothie. Thinking I might have a blown head gasket, I took the vehicle to my mechanic who told me about the cross contamination problem between the radiator and the Nissan transmission. He told me that flushing the systems would not help and would require replacing the entire cooling system and transmission for about $6,500, which I did not have. He told me to contact Nissan. Unfortunately, at the time of diagnosis, my Xterra had 112,000 miles on it, which was beyond the scope of Nissan's extended warranty, which came about as a result of the class action. The only thing they did for me was refund a recalled item that I paid for before the recall was known. I was also offered a 'business partner' discount on another Nissan - as if I was going to buy one later! Because my mobility is limited, I need a vehicle to get to work, the doctor, etc. I had to buy another vehicle. The payments broke me so bad that after paying my bills, there was nothing left for groceries or pet food, let alone gas for my car! I am so upset that Nissan has put me in this position that I can't even put it into words.

18the most beautiful problem

Error Date:17.08.2015

The first incident happened a few months ago when my car suddenly stopped in traffic. Just hang up. So yesterday I was driving to work and a car in front of me decided to slow down. when i applied the brakes to slow down the car did not accelerate again but slowed down. I couldn't get it to work. I started the car and it started and drove again. I checked this site and saw all the complaints. I had the same issues with stalling, not starting and accelerating. I took it to a transmission shop and they couldn't find a fault as there were no codes and of course that didn't fix the problem on the test drive either. i took my car to the nissan dealership, showed them the screenshot of this website and told them i have been having all these problems for the past few months. Since my VIN was not included in the recall, they basically told me they couldn't help without charging me $900 for a radiator plus $78 for the engine control unit. I had to pay $100 just to have them look at it. I was told a brand new transmission would cost $9,000. This is a terrible problem that this vehicle has and it is very dangerous to turn off your car while driving. I have a small child with me in the car. This can happen very scary. I don't care about the mileage of the vehicle. Nissan should include all Xterra's regardless of period VIN! All these complaints require action. I don't think all this is happening right now! The Nissan dealer told me he would recommend the following: ECM relay for $78, radiator for $740 and a few other maintenance items. When I left after they replaced it. Ecm, I got a nice letter saying you did a free appraisal on my vehicle. They did their best to confirm that was the problem but offered no help unless I spent the money.

19the most beautiful problem

Error Date:27.07.2015

I drove to a local municipal swimming pool and the car seemed to lose power. I started the car and got to the pool. When I tried to start the car, it wouldn't start. Thinking it might be the battery, someone tried to turn it on, but nothing happened. The next morning I had my car towed to a local mechanic and was told that the transmission needed to be replaced because the radiator fluid had mixed with the transmission fluid due to a faulty sensor. I now have an absolutely beautiful vehicle that will not run unless I pay for a transmission and radiator replacement. I just bought it in February 2014. It is not covered by the class action as it has 144,000 miles on the odometer.

20the most beautiful problem

Error Date:24.06.2015

A broken radiator hose allowed coolant to mix with transmission fluid, damaging the transmission. Cost includes replacement of radiator and gearbox (used). This issue would have been proactively repaired/replaced radiator before the problem occurred if Nissan had informed me about it. Instead, replacing the radiator and transmission will cost an additional $3,500. A completely avoidable situation, not to mention a potentially dangerous situation if the transmission fails at highway speeds. There is no excuse for Nissan.

21the most beautiful problem

Error Date:18.04.2015

Tl- The contact has a 2006 Nissan Xterra. While driving approximately 40 mph, the vehicle lost power and stalled without warning. The vehicle was towed to the Nissan dealership. The vehicle has been diagnosed (coolant and transmission oil are mixing, causing the transmission to fail). The manufacturer has been notified. The contact stated that the manufacturer was notified of the problem, which was identified as "transmission voltage." The failure mileage was 118,000. vol.

22the most beautiful problem

Error Date:01.04.2015

when i was trying to get onto a main road at about 40 mph and was accelerating i had to pull over to the side of the road because the truck would not shift into a higher gear. . . I had to get off the freeway because the truck couldn't accelerate and it got stuck in the first turn and I had trouble getting into second and then third. . . . When I got home I heard the engine or the fridge purring. . . . After 3 or 4 hours I opened the radiator and saw all kinds of dirt like gum. . . It was still hot and dripping on my driveway. . . I paid a mechanic $300 to replace the radiator, thinking that was the problem. . . Only to find that there was always more money. . . . I went to another mechanic and he said it would cost $4,000 to fix everything. . . I have lost over $3000 trying to figure out what the problem is. . Now the mechanic says it needs a new transmission unit valve. . . . How many more trucks will break down or have claims before this problem is fixed? . . . I was lucky that there were no full-throttle cars on the Autobahn. . . Because if I couldn't accelerate, I would have caused an accident and died. . . I loved my truck and miss driving it. . . Take a look please. . . Thank you very much. .

23the most beautiful problem

Error Date:14.02.2015

When it was cold in January/February 2015, our daughter informed us that the heating was not working. But he knew we didn't have the money to fix it, so we didn't worry about it. We have a 2000 Chevy truck and the heater hasn't worked for years and we just live with it. So we never thought that the fridge/coolant could be the problem. Then something bad happened - our daughter was driving from Auburn Al to our house in Opelika Al and she called us and said the car wasn't going over 25-30 mph. We were out of town it was 10pm so we told her to keep driving and go home somewhere safe (her life was more important than sitting on the side of the road - young woman alone) she came home parked and when we got home and take it to a local repair shop that we trust. He called us the next day and said I had devastating news. He told us about the Nissan service report. It rips and leaks into the transmission where the coolant mixes with the transmission fluid and creates a hellish toxic sludge that destroys the transmission. He said his car is worth $5,000 but the repair cost is $7,000. I took it to Nissan and they told me to take it to a Nissan dealership for diagnosis and the diagnosis is the same. My husband is very, very ill and we have huge medical, drug and hospital bills and I had breast cancer with chemotherapy which caused an autoimmune disease (almost lost my left eye) and our 15 year old daughter has been in Birmingham Children's Hospital for a long time Cairo. rheumatoid arthritis. Just three and a half years ago we thought we were buying a very reliable car for $14,000 and now it's £4,500. If Nissan had informed us about the issue, we could have been proactive.

24the most beautiful problem

Error Date:28.01.2015

The contact has a 2006 nissan xterra. While driving approximately 40 mph, the transmission failed and the vehicle was unable to accelerate. The vehicle was towed to an independent mechanic who determined that the radiator and transmission were defective. The vehicle has not been repaired. The manufacturer has been notified of the defects. The failure mileage was 121,000. VIN was not available.

25the most beautiful problem

Error Date:25.01.2015

A faulty radiator leaked engine coolant into the automatic transmission fluid (ATF), resulting in cross-contamination of the fluid that would destroy the RE5R05A transmission. Contamination of the engine cooling water can short out the low power electronic computer located in the valve body. This equipment was used on the Xterra. Border; Pathfinder and Armada vehicles built between 2005 and 2010. Repairing the radiator and replacing the contaminated fluid with new fluid will not solve the problem as the transmission computer is permanently damaged. The only way to fix a broken computer is to replace it with a new one. These are only available from Nissan as part of a new valve body assembly. .See more information...

26the most beautiful problem

Error Date:20.01.2015

When I stopped at a red light the Xterra began to shudder and the tachometer started going up and down until I finally stopped, then the tachometer dropped below 500 rpm. and the truck shut down. I rebooted but it crashed again. I quickly realized that even though it is an automatic transmission, I have to drive it like a manual transmission. So I put it in neutral, put it back into gear, it wouldn't stall, then revved the engine to 2000 rpm and got it going. I went and that day it didn't happen again. However, over the next month this became an increasing problem until finally it started happening every time I stopped unless I adjusted the idle. I took it to the mechanic who spent four hours diagnosing it to make sure the problem was there. What they said was torque converter and board failure. It failed because coolant was leaking from a broken radiator housing into the transmission (apparently a very common problem that Nissan doesn't want to take responsibility for). Due to the presence of a milkshake-like pink liquid in the refrigerator, it is not difficult to verify the results. Final Verdict: At best, a new torque converter and plate is needed, but given the major assembly effort and the unknown additional damage caused by leaking coolant, a new transmission was suggested.

27the most beautiful problem

Error Date:10.01.2015

The contact has a 2006 Nissan Xterra. While driving 40 mph, the vehicle stalled without warning. The contact discovered that the fuel tank was empty and the fuel gauge displayed incorrect readings. the vehicle was taken to a dealer who determined that there was coolant in the transmission. The transmission had to be replaced. The vehicle has not been repaired. In addition, the contact stated that the air conditioning and heating systems were no longer functioning. The vehicle has not been diagnosed or repaired. The manufacturer has been notified of the error. VIN not included in NHTSA campaign number: 10v075000 (fuel system, gasoline). The failure mileage was 102,000.

28the most beautiful problem

Error Date:12.08.2014

The first incident was faulty timing chain tensioners. As previously mentioned, Nissan purposely redesigned the components as the original components were wearing out, causing the timing chain to rub directly against the metal post of the tensioner and make contact with the box cover. During the repair, the nissan service department confirmed contamination of the defective radiator coolant, which was resolved under NHTSA action number dp12004. Timing chain and guides have been replaced. the radiator was replaced. the soda was washed away. The gearbox was drained, washed and filled. The service department also confirmed that Nissan, n.a. will not offer any kind of repair support. The total cost was $2,200. The day after the repair, the vehicle suddenly braked from 55 mph to 30 mph and accelerated to over 4,000 km while driving on a dark multi-lane country road at 11:00 pm. The highway section had no shoulder or shoulder. A vehicle was in the left lane and a semi truck was speeding in the right lane. While crossing the bridge, the vehicle swerved to the shoulder to avoid a rear-end collision caused by the oncoming semi-trailer. The vehicle has been turned off and restarted. The rpm returned to 1k, the transmission was in neutral and the check engine light came on. The next day nissan service confirmed it was a faulty valve body due to coolant contamination. The rough cost of the repair was reported at $1,400. Nissan again, N/A I would not repair the fault. At this point, the repair has not been completed and will not be completed.

29the most beautiful problem

Error Date:15.11.2014

The radiator, which was recalled and I was never told about, had cracked and leaked coolant into the transmission causing the transmission to fail.

30the most beautiful problem

Error Date:10.07.2014

The vehicle suddenly stopped shifting gears on a main road where the speed limit is 55 mph. I pulled into a back road, couldn't get over 20 mph and slowly went down from there until I finally stopped. A cracked radiator resulted in coolant leaking into the transmission fluid and causing multiple systems to fail. In return, the radiator had to be replaced several times and the transmission completely rebuilt and flushed ($4,400 cost). Had I been on a major highway or freeway at the time, a much more serious outcome could have occurred.

31the most beautiful problem

Error Date:01.10.2014

When I entered the freeway, the gas pedal stopped shifting. Then the transmission failed. The transmission fluid has leaked into the radiator and both need to be replaced. The repair is estimated at $4,000.

32the most beautiful problem

Error Date:28.09.2014

While driving 70 mph on the freeway, my car suddenly revved to 4000 rpm. and did not exceed 30 mph. After having my car towed to a mechanic friend nearby, he told me the radiator was cracked, coolant was leaking into the transmission, the transmission and torque control valve, all valves and gaskets, and both catalytic converters were burnt. The repair cost would be $6,000. Nissan has to pay for it due to factory defect!!!

33the most beautiful problem

Error Date:02.09.2014

The check engine light came on, I went to the mechanic to have it checked and found that the radiator coolant was getting into the transmission fluid. Replacing parts and flushing the gearbox involved high costs.

34the most beautiful problem

Error Date:16.08.2014

Nissan Xterra 2006. Consumer writes about transmission problems. The dealer informed the customer that the radiator and transmission needed to be replaced because there was a coolant leak in the transmission. The consumer further stated that the tires felt like they were slipping when starting from a stop.

35the most beautiful problem

Error Date:19.07.2014

Coolant enters the transmission through the radiator. Consequently, both the transmission and the radiator must be replaced.

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